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Dallas Fort Worth/North Texas Roofing Experts

As a specialized professional roofing contractor for multi-family housing, Calahan Roofing understands the significance of having the necessary manpower, experience, and expertise to efficiently complete the job when a storm strikes.

We recognize that as a super, landlord, or owner of a multi-family housing unit, it's your responsibility to provide your residents with a safe and comfortable home. As a result, our commitment to you is to promptly and meticulously repair your storm-damaged roof, restoring your property to its previous pristine condition. Our proficient roofing team can handle projects of any size with ease, including repairing 30+ roofs in a multi-family housing complex in a short time frame, enabling your tenants to resume their daily routines with minimal disruption.

We aim to surpass our clients' expectations in every project we undertake by providing precise work, exceptional service, and fair pricing. Our unparalleled customer service involves keeping you informed and updated throughout the entire process and addressing any queries you may have along the way. Contact us today at 817-739-0692 or fill out the form provided for a free inspection.

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